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Every turn they can easily get 3 spellbooks in their grave to banish with a quickplay. Also, what decks would be a threat to this type kycoo spell book deck build of build in a tournament? I' d also consider main- decking another kycoo ( one of the best techs against teledad), and then drop the iiw' s from your side for something better ( i would say twisters kycoo spell book deck build to stop decree from shutting you down, although this doesn' t rely on traps as much as my deck). Considering you have the tempest magician in your extra deck, you will want to kycoo spell book deck build build spell counters to maximize the damage caused by her effect. Kycoo the ghost destroyer: i' d generally use kycoo for the spellbook mirror match. Deck building - been.

Although a nercofear skill drain deck. Kycoo is a good card this format. So this + master is a + 1.

Prophecy" cards usually specify a " spellbook" spell card in which they are also excluded. Giant rat works to keep monsters on your side of the field. That' s the new dimensional eatos deck. Run 3 in any variant. Prophecy / spellbook discussion thread i: don' t judge a spellbook by its cover i can' t apologise enough for the delay in the kycoo spell book deck build creation of this thread.

The deck took yet more abuse when card of safe return was finally forbidden in the september list. And considering both this and master are searchable, there' s little doubt that you can pull this off consistently. Due to these cards searching each other out, kycoo spell book deck build they can be useful in deck thinning. Hidden book of spell) trap normal during your turn: target 2 spell cards in your graveyard; shuffle those targets into the deck. These monsters centralize around the spellbooks, and have amassed so much magical power using them, that endymion, the master magician thought to wage war upon them before they got too powerful. 2/ 3x { spellbook of knowledge} 1/ 2x kycoo spell book deck build { spellbook of secrets} 1x { spellbook magician of prophecy} you usually splash this deck into a primarily spell caster deck, and the general combo works like this.

Despite his small stats, he contributes enormously to the deck, helping you get kycoo spell book deck build your ball rolling, and being the key card that makes or breaks your opening hand. This didn’ t spell the end for the deck, though, as the same list put mezuki back to semi- limited. However, if you are curious about the engine people run, it is usually consists of. Also working as a possible spell and trap removal.

A stun deck that places hurdle after hurdle until your opponent can' t jump over them anymore. If you question that number you shouldn' t be playing the deck. Included this creature type and it was showcased as the backbone of yugi muto’ s deck in the television series. Their monsters are already kycoo spell book deck build really strong by themselves so how would you balance that out?

Probably one of my favorite spellcaster cards is magical exemplar ( each time a spell card is activated, place 2 spell counters on this. Hey there yu- gi- oh! No, because lots of times you still have your normal spellbooks in your hand. The spell book deck itself is rather kycoo spell book deck build lackluster in my opinion. So, you want to build a butt- kicking, enemy- stomping, yu- gi- oh! Collectible card kycoo spell book deck build games - yu- gi- oh this is a split board - you can return to the split list for other boards.

Spellcaster monsters are often mages, witches and wizards who possess a wide variety of abilities designed to work well with trap and spell card support. Most cards in this deck has some form of search function to get spellbooks or prophecy monsters out from your deck. This new incarnation of the deck from late and early came to be known as zombie synchro.

In order to do so, you do not want to stop your oppenent from helping you build spell counters. Here we have tips and tricks to power up. One kycoo spell book deck build of the decks touched by konami in the last banlist, but for those that still like it, this is a fun way to use it. Prophecy monsters are a theme of spellcaster- type monsters who are designed around the tarot. As i restructure the spellcaster discussion thread i thought it about time to start to finally give various spellcaster deck types threads of their own. 1x kycoo the ghost destroyer.

: ] if you removed the celestial dragon i am pretty sure you could play this in the tcg. Great for beginners and competitive players! The first release of yu- gi- oh! The brilliance of miller’ s deck is that he’ s compensated for that with a bunch of different back- up plans.

I also expected it to carry its weight against decks like elemental dragons and dark world, knowing that i could special summon kycoo spell book deck build it if my opponent destroyed the grand spellbook tower. Includes one exclusive phantasm gaming card token. La deslimitación de spellbook of kycoo spell book deck build fate sin duda le da kycoo spell book deck build un gran plus al deck para enfrentarse al meta actual debido a que puede desterrar cartas sin hacer target! The kycoo spell book deck build decklist follows the september banlist. Iiw is rather inconsistent while kycoo does the same and is rarely a dead draw.

Also the effect of mirage dragon kycoo spell book deck build will help allow direct attacks without worrying about traps. 5d' s stardust accelerator: world championship on the ds, a gamefaqs message board topic titled " turbo decks in game". Hierophant of prophecy: xyz/ effect monster dark spellcaster. Each time a " spellbook" spell card is activated, increase this card' s level by 2 and atk by 300. Spellbook deck counters?

Prophecy/ spellbook is a deck that revolves around using magic cards to support spellcasters. Building a dark magician deck. From: unownknight7 subject: spellbook blue- kycoo spell book deck build eyes hey guys, this is my spellbook blue- eyes kycoo spell book deck build deck that i thought of after ” maiden with eyes of blue” was announced and its become my most used deck, its mostly a fun deck but it has won me some tournaments, as you can see its a spell heavy deck due to the spellbook’ s. Does kycoo spell book deck build anyone have a current spellbook deck build they kycoo spell book deck build can suggest?

I have made a spell counter earthbound immortal chacu challhua deck. What counters this deck? What' s a good competitive yu- gi- oh! Spellswords are an athletic class that uses willpower, endurance, and mystic arts to attack opponents. Good call on the wonder wand. Spellbook magician of prophecy searches your deck for kycoo spell book deck build any spellbook spell card.

Hi everyone, here is a spellbook prophecy deck. Unlike consecrated light, kycoo was a spellcaster and kycoo spell book deck build was worth the normal summon. This is something i' ve been waiting for. In my build, i' m running a small spell book engine in it as well.

Moderated by: swampert x. The spellbook cards are generic support for spellcaster however prophecy almost exclusively supports or need support from the spellbook spell cards. Spellbook demise main deck: 40 monsters: 6 x1 jowgen the spiritualist x2 kycoo the ghost destroyer x3 spellbook magician of prophecy spells: 24 x3 card of demise x3 pot duality x1 raigeki x1. But as with any deck, when it draws the wrong cards in the wrong order, it can stall out. Spellbook magician of prophecy can search out any spellbook spell card from your deck when he is normal or special summoned.

Dislike the lyla as uncontrolled milling in a deck like this leaves more to chance than i would like. No prob, welcome to kidzworld' s killer decks 101. Combined with things like eternity, tower ( after some grave setup), starhall ( after spell counter buildup) and secrets, spellbooks can basically get to any card in the deck at just about any kycoo spell book deck build time in the duel. Ramon is running an unusually small number of scapegoats in an environment where every other match looks like a goat farm, keeping in with the overall aggressive theme of the deck. Build a deck expansions goblins vs gnomes the grand tournament whispers of the old gods mean streets of gadgetzan journey to un' goro knights of the frozen throne kobolds and catacombs the witchwood the boomsday project rastakhan' s rumble rise of shadows saviors of uldum descent of dragons curse of naxxramas blackrock mountain league of explorers.

¡ no olvides revisar nuestra. This deck also has plenty of spell and trap removal with mystical space typhoon, dust tornado, heavy storm, and giant trunade. Well heres the deck monsters lv4 and below x3 skilled dark magician x3 crusader of endymion x2 kycoo spell book deck build breaker the kycoo spell book deck build magical warrior x2 night’ s end sorcerer x2 frequency magician x2 kycoo the ghost destroyer lv5 and above x3 the tricky x2 dark red enchanter x1 dark magician spell.

I can' t think of a good deck to build, i' ve already done infernity, mill, hopeless dragon otk, and i' m looking to try something good. The strength of the fortune lady theme is that when the deck works, it draws tons of cards, blows away monsters, and swarms the field. Smashing ground, nobleman of crossout and book of moon complement the standard spell lineup to keep the deck moving forward. Prophecy spellbook deck yu- gi- oh tcg " advanced" deck discussions. With three secret village of the spellcasters and three terraforming, your field spell' s never too far away. Deck deck building - been.

The opponent cant get momentum and than the spellbook deck goes into a swarm otk. In fact, you should add magical exemplars to the deck kycoo spell book deck build as kycoo spell book deck build kycoo spell book deck build they build spell counters fast! However " spellbook of secrets" is an exception, as it does not specify a spell card specifically, so it can still search them kycoo spell book deck build out. Pages: 1 2 3 next. - - - as for the side deck: kycoo spell book deck build 2x spell canceller 1x kycoo, the ghost destroyer 1x battle fader 3x mst.

Searching and thinning your deck is what this deck really kycoo spell book deck build excels at. Hidden spellbook ( f. They can also recycle their banished monsters with their field spell so stopping that seems to be a priority but if we stack up the deck with backrow removal. Kycoo can stop them from activating they banishing effect in the grave but not on the field. You could kycoo spell book deck build naturally draw into kycoo the ghost destroyer or find it with duality, or even special summon it from the deck with summoner monk. Amazing gift great for beginners and competitive players!

That' s where the highly searchable cards come into play. Yugioh spellbook deck core with kycoo spell book deck build exclusive phantasm gaming token includes kycoo spell book deck build 24 carefully chosen cards perfect for a spellbook deck core! Ngoài ra, cũng có 1 vài lá bài spellcaster khác đáng để sử dụng như những lá bài tech là kycoo the ghost destroyer ( tăng khả năng chống lại nhiều deck meta bây giờ ), hay lyla, lightsworn sorceress kycoo spell book deck build ( đem lại khả năng bắn phá spell / trap đối thủ; những lá bài được mill có thể được.

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